EBM Projects: Nanoretech / Glencore


Glencore Cobalt Hydroxide product produced from the mines in the DRC is contaminated with elevated levels of Uranium. Uranium has become a prevalent issue for various mines in that region, and as such most the Cobalt Hydroxide is banned from import. The Cobalt Hydroxide cannot be sold in the current state as it is out of specification. The Glencore stock is currently in storage in South Africa. The intent is to toll treat this raw product at the Zincor (EBM) site in Springs, South Africa to remove Uranium and then further process to a saleable Cobalt Hydroxide product over a 12-month period.


Ion Exchange (CSTR – Continuous Resin Transfer Technology)


Pre- feasibility assessment: April 2020

Proof of Concept: June/July 2020

Pilot campaign and feasibility: July/ Aug 2020

IX Construction contract: Oct 2020 to March 2021

Toll treatment contract:  June 2021 to December 2022

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